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Questions for Retailers

Why Use A Specialized Point of Sale?

ExtremePOS, Musicware, and Praiz are software products designed to address specific industries; Video Game Stores, Record Stores, and Christian Bookstores respectively.  We are sometimes asked “What are my advantages in choosing a specialized vs. a generic system?”

The basic answer:  We have features to address particular needs of your industry that the generic systems cannot match.

What can specialized software do for me if I’m selling used product and doing trade ins?

Using generic software with trade-ins often leads to accounting nightmares.  For example, people using a generic system often process trade-ins as returns, causing them to deduct from their sales totals.  Generic systems don’t separate trade-ins out in reporting.  Therefore sales end up underreported, and store owners can find themselves facing an auditor with faulty reporting.  Users of our software, on the other hand, will readily be able to break down their trade-ins and sales.  Our software understands how trade-ins are handled legally and has advanced features such as sales tax options to make sure you are in compliance with your states regulations and never have to worry about trade-in reporting in the case of an audit.

But even beyond the accounting, a system designed for new and used from the ground up makes your job easier and saves you hours of labor in back office data entry and maintenance.  Let’s say you sell both new and used copies of the same item.  In a generic system, you would have to come up with your own solution: for example setting up a bogus SKU for the used copy.  In our system, there’s no need to do that.  You can use the same SKU, because our software allows you to maintain separate stock levels, as well as establish a variety of condition options for the used product with associated selling and trade-in pricing.  In a generic system, you would have to rely on the cashier to manually adjust the pricing during the sale process if you want to do this.  The system even allows you to set a maximum number of used copies desired in the store to ensure your cashiers don’t accept trade-ins you don’t need.  The labor difference between a generic system and a specialized one is truly enormous.

What advantages do you have in dealing with particular industries?

Because we work for a narrow range of industries, even if you are not dealing with used products you will find features that no generic system will have to suit your needs.  We work with a variety of distributors and inventory database providers to support their data feeds, to make it much easier for you to get your inventory into the system without having to type in every title.

What industry specific data services do you have for my Video Game Stores?

For video game stores, we offer subscriptions for the BRE and Video Game Price Charting data feeds, both of which offer suggested used and trade in pricing.  The Amazon data feed can also be used for video game stores.  Additionally, BRE offers a load balancing service, which can be utilized through the software.

What industry specific data services do you have for my Christian Bookstores?

For Christian Bookstores, we have support for Ingram Books’ subscription content web services.  For a monthly fee, this will allow you access to their database of over eighteen million titles.

What industry specific data services do you have for my Record Stores?

For record stores, we have support for the AMS and AEC distributor databases, as well as the Super-D database.  We also allow for both Streetpulse and Soundscan reporting.  Additionally, the free Discogs database is a tremendous resource for record stores.