Professional Services

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Professional Services


Although some of our customers choose the “learn it yourself” method, supplementing the instruction manual with the occasional call to our technical support area for clarification and direction, we realize that other customers feel more comfortable receiving personalized training in the use and implementation of their EXTREME POINT OF SALE, INC software. We offer the following training options:

Toll-free two-way remote software instruction:

Requires a phone line and an Internet connection, one for voice communication, and the other for computer link up. Your instructor will walk you through the software features while displaying the appropriate screens on your computer.

Price: $399.00 for 4-hour session (May also be arranged on weekends and evenings )

Please contact us at 919.387.7597 to schedule a session.

On Site Training at your location:

If you feel you need more ‘hands on’ training, it may be better to bring an Instructor to you.  This can be particularly efficient if there are a large number of people needing to be trained.

Price: $995.00 per day plus expenses (Expenses will be agreed upon prior to trip)