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ThunderPOS Enterprise for Windows

Enterprise Services for ThunderPOS for multistore

These services and special versions of ExtremePOS®, Musicware, and Praiz POS are able to have inventory items, customer information and balances, gift cards and balances, vendors, departments and categories centrally managed for multiple stores. Do transfers from store to store, check inventory in real time, share customer account and gift card balances between stores, update items at all stores through your account, and more!

ThunderPOS Enterprise requires that all stores be utilizing cloud services. See our new site for more details.


    Centrally store and manage the following from your ThunderPOS.Net location:

  • Items, including pricing, titles, and other information

  • Customer information

  • Customer balances

  • Gift card balances

  • Departments

  • Categories

  • Vendors

  • Store Transfers

  • Real-time stock checks for other locations

  • Queuing of labels for price changes of in stock levels

  • Easy checking of gift card and customer account balances

  • Lock down item changes from the store-level employees.


ThunderPOS.Net Store Transfer
ThunderPOS.Net Store Transfer

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