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POS Software for Independent Retail Stores

ExtremePOS® for Video Game Stores

ExtremePOS® software has been servicing game stores since 2001. Our dedication, knowledge, experience and commitment to the industry is unmatched.

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Musicware for CD/DVD Stores

Musicware is one of the finest Inventory Control and Point-of-Sale software for music, record, and CD and DVD Stores

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Praiz® POS for Christian Bookstores

Welcome to Praiz® POS, home of the finest Inventory Control and Point-of-Sale software for Christian Bookstores. We are proud that over the years, we have successfully computerized the daily operations of hundreds of bookstores, CD stores and gift stores in the US and overseas.

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Payment Processing Software

Payment processing systems can speed up your transaction time in order to maximize your efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

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ExtremePOS® Enterprise For Multi-Store

These services and special versions of ExtremePOS®, Musicware, and Praiz POS are able to have inventory items, customer information and balances, gift cards and balances, vendors, departments and categories centrally managed for multiple stores. Do transfers from store to store, check inventory in real time, share customer account and gift card balances between stores, update items at one location, and more!

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Ecommerce Integration

This allows you to connect an ecommerce website with your in-store inventory, moving stock levels, pricing, and other information from the store, and receiving orders and order information down from the website.

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ExtremePOS® Mobile

ExtremePOS Mobile is an add-on for ExtremePOS users, providing a full-featured Point Of Sale station for iPad. Add a full tablet based station to your store, or just use for line busting. ExtremePOS Mobile register can handle all the functions you need to interact with the customer, including sales, returns, trade-ins, new and used product, searching products, placing and picking up special orders, viewing and adding customers, etc. Supports bluetooth barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer for a full Point Of Sale station.

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ThunderPOS for Vape Stores

Simple and powerful point of sale

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