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ExtremePOS® Enterprise For Multi-Store for Windows

Enterprise Services for ExtremePOS®, Musicware, and Praiz POS

These services and special versions of ExtremePOS®, Musicware, and Praiz POS are able to have inventory items, customer information and balances, gift cards and balances, vendors, departments and categories centrally managed for multiple stores. Do transfers from store to store, check inventory in real time, share customer account and gift card balances between stores, update items at one location, and more!

ExtremePOS® Enterprise consists of several components: ExtremePOS® Store Server, which maintains records and services at each store, ExtremePOS® Corp Server, which maintains your headquarters location, and ExtremePOS® Corporate, which can be used from your HQ location or any other location with internet access to maintain your records, perform transfers, and do other necessary tasks to allow your chain to succeed.

Suggested Specs for Corp Server:
i3 Processor or better
4 GB of Ram
Static IP at corporate location
3 Megabit or better dedicated connection
Windows 7 or Server


    Centrally store and manage the following from your Corporate location:

  • Items, including pricing, titles, and other information

  • Customer information

  • Customer balances

  • Gift card balances

  • Departments

  • Categories

  • Vendors

  • Store Transfers

  • Real-time stock checks for other locations

  • Queuing of labels for price changes of in stock levels

  • Searching of items saved at corporate

  • Ability to have "Local only" items for items only at a single location

  • Edit and add items, categories, departments, vendors, customers, and stores.

  • Search your database for easier management

  • Send out updates to your stores

  • Adjust customer and gift card balances

  • Access central reports


Searching Corp from the Store
Searching Corp from the Store
Editing an Item
Editing an Item
Customer Balance Adjustment
Customer Balance Adjustment
ExtremePOS Store Server
ExtremePOS Store Server
Store Transfer
Store Transfer

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