Call us at: 800.647.9711


Busy Signals when calling for technical support.

Our technical support lines are free at least 40% of the day between 9 AM and 5 PM, EST, M-F. We do not place callers in a queue to wait for the next available support person. If you get our voice mail, please leave a message under the support option so we can return your call in a timely fashion. You may also try one of the below options for additional or alternative support methods.

Support Via Email

You can get support by writing to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). This email address is monitored daily. We will try our best to respond to your message the same day if sent before 3 PM.

Network Problems

If you have two or more computers connected via a network and you did not purchase your Network from ExtremePOS, we cannot support your network at no charge. Our technician will ask you to confirm that your network is working by using Network Neighborhood to test your connection. If your network is not connected, you must seek help from the person who installed your network or, ExtremePOS can help you get your network working with a $99 Network surcharge.

Other Hardware Problems

If you purchased your hardware from a company other than ExtremePOS, we cannot give you hardware support at no charge. We have methods of testing most of your hardware. If your hardware is working properly, we will support your hardware with EXTREMEPOS. If your hardware is not working properly, you must go back to your original hardware supplier for support or pay a surcharge for support from ExtremePOS. The most frequent problems we find with hardware are serial port conflicts with modems and modem software and printer conflicts with certain printers which have software that takes over the parallel port.

IC Verify Credit Card Processor Problems

*NOTE: We have discontinued support for ICVerify in all current releases of our offered software.* If you have purchased IC Verify from ExtremePOS or any other source, you must first get IC Verify to work all by itself, independent of EXTREMEPOS. To get support with IC Verity, you must call Cybercash for assistance. The phone number is in your IC Verify Manual). If you want ExtremePOS to help you to get IC Verify to work, there is a $99 tech support surcharge. Most problems related to IC Verify are caused by having the wrong bank credit card phone number for processing, incorrect modem strings (which can be reset automatically within IC Verify), conflict with fax software, or use of the wrong serial port. Once you have IC Verify working independently, we can help you to get it to work properly with EXTREMEPOS (or just look in the manual).